Broken art #3

0_broken art #3

What is broken art ?

In this case broken should be considered as a start from the bottom; the 30 year old artist begins his rapid productivity with techniques which are known but motives yet to be discovered.

Man can only consider something as broken if they know how it looked like before it became broken. To break the imagination in mind, one must identify what the whole thing looks like, therefore he takes a journey to complete the painting before even creating it.

The process of creation is a breaking of the whole art piece into every little step the imagination can sacrifice to enable it to become. The white Acryl on canvas is a good start, but it is exceptionally a start on an also white canvas, as there is no contour to be seen.

Then it happens!!

Breaking the charcoal is a holy act, an act of salvation, an act of completion.

This is what happened.

A happening of completeness of art which had been broken before.

With the best wishes for everyone to complete the things we’ve broken so far.






Download ARTicle here:

Broken art #3


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