Broken art #1

broken art #1

not everything broken is incomplete

To break is to make!!
All of the art pieces are broken in a way, either if it is your eye catching the broken lights in their decent frequencies or if it is the perception of your mind, which shapes the image anew.

Every creation endures the process of capturing, breaking and re-shaping.

The ’making of’ of something broken begins with the desire of imagination; it is desire which creates the conviction to shape something matching to what we have in mind and perceive the differences according to what we have in front.

The process of shaping is the conviction of foreseen imagination which interferes within the very depths of our emotions, summoned by the inconsistency of the Image and the infinite opportunities of the canvas ́ plainness.

Imagine a blank canvas…

…and the miracle will appear in front of mind


With the best wishes for everyone to see the plain beauty of our mind.






Download ARTicle here:

Broken art #1


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