Eden of Varnish

19_eden of varnish

Varnished society

Varnishing is a method not only to protect, but also a keystone for glamorous gloss.

Hale to the era of modern varnish! Thrown in bitter ‚ressentiments,‘ the only thing which becomes worthy, is that of which has received praise.

A natural wood countertop does not need to be cleaned with the imperfect and poor poisonous cleaners of which we produce.

The content for which natural wood is made of is the most anti- bacterial creation mankind is not able to reproduce.
In countless centuries, our nature used this spa to treat open wounds, long before antibiotics.

Nature, in its own, consists of healing.

With the sealing of this knowledge we were doomed to use so called ‚modern medicines’. Such a ‚cure‘ only holds an evolving time of few centuries or decades, as compared to the millions of years which nature took to adjust every detail to stain this balance in the benefit of life itself.

We kill, we poison, but fortunately, at least with style.

With the best wishes for everyone to kill the poisonous thoughts and to revive the internal nature.






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