Knocking on Nature´s Door

21_knocking on heavens door

A never closing door

Mankind is in need, since eternity.

In need, we develop incredible solutions out of the stream of universal harmony, though as soon as we find the solution, we forget the keys to the doors which had opened for us to step out from the dark.

Overwhelmed with enlightenment, we begin to revel within delights. Nothing can please the endless desire to satisfy this urgent need. What we fear most is this need everlasting. Until we take the last drop out of the muse, then we feel despise. Ohh that’s it?

It could no longer satiate me!! No light left in this room; it is as dark as it was in the room I entered from.
Where is the emergency exit? Please, nature guide me!

Mankind is over-satisfied, it is in some societies, since eternity.

In satisfaction, we build unwanted nihilism, more like out of boredom for everything which is unable to withstand the black hole of our untamed desires. Until we wake up and realize out of true honesty, we are motivated by the fear of being forgotten by the universe, the case of it granting everyone else more than me. Ohh it is nature which is in need. In need for a glimpse of light of my dark soul born out of an all-encompassing consciousness within society.

Where is the harmony? Please mankind I am waiting for you!

With the best wishes for everyone to open the door of their heart to the nature in need.






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Knocking on Nature´s Door’


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