Tie my plectrum

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You can tie everything with art

Art is proof of divinity.

In art, we find all the progress within mankind.
Art is not the paint you see on a canvas, it is not a sculpture you can look at, nor is it any type of creation.

Art is the spark which drives you to think, to create, to find

unexpected answers without even asking for them.
The creation of art is to look closer into that spark and see what it is made

of, look at its shape and figure out its nature.

All of our inventions are based on this holy act of seeing something new which is not yet made. Consider the Montgolfier brothers, or much earlier, Leonardo da Vinci, or even earlier, the myths of the antiques. They grasped the rope of curiosity and tied their desire to create this unexplored, though known imagination.

It does not matter if an imagination is known as impossible. The only thing that matters is that it is known…

better if it is known by yourself… This is where to begin!!


With the best wishes for everyone to fly within their mind to embrace the journey.





Download ARTicle here:

Tie my plectrum


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