fall on my lap


It is difficult to describe the kiss of the muse.

Is it?
I have no Idea actually.
How shall I describe the way of receiving an Idea when I am not the one creating it?
I know for sure, definitely.
It comes to me; it finds me everywhere and anytime.
It doesn’t care if I sleep, nor if I am ill.

Sometimes it just comes, while I am out with friends or with my beloved.
I then have to cling to that whisper, to that sacred entrustment. I must nourish it until I can get it at least on a blank paper, even if it is just a small sketch or a quick note.  If I neglect, then it’s short life comes to a fast end.

So I have to wait for its resurrection.

If the muse comes to you, then just let it rest on your lap, especially if you are dreaming. Don’t wake up until you dream it fully.

With the best wishes for everyone to welcome the conversations with the muse to its extent and to nourish it.





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