Look into my ay´z

11_look into my ay´z_web

To see rather than to look at


A beginning always starts with the first look.
The first look is always the beginning.

Either if it is a slight look swiping on something you pass by, or a spark you capture with your mind within the dimensions of life and dreams in between.

Having a look on something beautiful also requires beautiful thoughts to become aware of what is perceived within.

Thoughts of the mind are brewing a layer which is summoned as a composition of controversies and consensus in various colors, just like a colorful blanket.

They are summed up in ‘hard to explain’ complexity, known as feeling.

So, if I say look into my ay’z, I mean look with a beautiful mind and grasp my delicate thoughts summed up in a complex way of feeling, displayed as this painting with various colors.

With the best wishes for you to have generously kind thoughts without hesitation, and to be able to see beyond looking into to the depth of attentiveness.







Download ARTicle here:


Look into my ay´z




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