3rd Generation

93rd Generation

A new generation supersedes

What is a Generation?

It is an assembly of people of nearly the same age. It also indicates a timeframe of 30 years.

A generation can be superseded within a moment.

We, the shapers and creators which stood up from the seat built by the one before, are unknowingly stepping into the era of a new generation. The recognition of this comes afterwards when we take a resting seat and see what we have built.

To build a seat requires much more effort in it as one can think.

It requires belief in yourself.

You must first imagine how the one who sits on it can then take a breath to relax, and to catch up with the neglected inner self.

A carpenter is not just only building a seat.
A carpenter is investing the self into what is being constructed.

Jesus Christ was a carpenter before he met God and followed his destiny for the sake of mankind.

With the best wishes for everyone to listen to their inner carpenter.







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3rd Generation




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