What would life be without coffee?
We sometimes cannot wait for the next day to come; most of us cannot wait for the awakening to coffee in the morning.

This is an ode to all coffee lovers.
With the battery on it as recharge, Nextpresso symbolizes the stamina we need for dreams requiring action.

The action in this case is more of a reaction to the urge for which we chase fulfillment.
Pilgrimage is mostly rushed; the pilgrim is mostly focused on the horizon.

Just ease and have a coffee break for a decent look at how pilgrims grasp their pilgrimage of destination.

Maybe during one of your breaks, you will see that the world is already turning a particular direction.  We can pause and place the one goal of destination onto the horizon for which the world turns towards us. We would then require fewer steps to reach the desired one, since it is already coming to us. 

To reach sunrise, the fastest route to reach is to the East.

With the best wishes 

for us to place our goals on the approaching horizon.




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