Beauty under the Scarf

15_beauty under the scarf

Too beautiful to be seen

Some beauties carry a heavy burden, a burden due to attraction summoning the greed to claim on the observers themselves. What would we be if nature would act like that, what would all the beauty of the flowers would look alike? Imagine a sunrise behind a curtain or likewise, the moon. 

This Beauty is being raped by the greed of the possibilities of a dark heart. 

We, as mankind which cannot take down the kings from their thrones are not capable of grasping the extent of the abuse of the ones reigning. If we could, we wouldn’t wait even one second to burn the throne with the ones sitting on them.

The beauty cannot defend itself, it would have to leave it’s beauty aside and become disgusting and evil to protect itself.
Nor can it hide it’s purity and perfection, because of the majority of beautiful minds and hearts.

It is sacrificing itself for the sake of the beauty we carry within.

This, we should hide from the dark, because we can; let it shine brighter than anything when we have the chance to show it.

These two lesbian Muslimas cannot love one another in public in some places of the world, but you can set them free while taking off their scarfs to see their entire beauty.

By taking off their scarfs you however cannot remove their belief, as this is hidden in the innermost center of their hearts. This is what only God and his servants can see and witness.

With the best wishes for everyone to take their scarfs off, which were put on their hearts by evil intentions.




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Beauty under the Scarf




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