Digitalization is shaping our reality as humans, AI will sure end it.
What happens with a growing child or a one-year-old using an iPad or similar touch screens?
The growing human imitates and reacts to whatever reaction it receives.

The developing brain frequently receives new input of cause, action and result. A baby learns the reality, or the virtual reality of animations on some surface.
We, the architects of this reality know that there is a code behind the image of this changing shiny surface; a code which was developed and perfected by many genius humans and genius ideas and dreams.

For the baby, still in the fog of consciousness, it is not possible to distinguish between dreams and reality. The endless capability can not find a clear platform to build its ingeniousity on solid ground.

Newborns, who represent the future of humanity cannot wake up in true reality. True reality buries limitless dreams, dreams which are built on unshakable foundations. No matter how far you dream you cannot get lost as long as you look back to the beginning. Therefore we need our next generations minds to be born into the truth.

With the best wishes for everyone to build a future with colorful Stripes with their own fingers.




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