Favorite Café



Favorite Café

Aren’t we in search of ourselves?

And do not the moments come, just reminding us of this search?

Maybe once a while we remember this and forget about the things which keep us from forgetting the search for ourselves, our inner peace and meaning of the many things we discovered so far.

A café is a perfect place to escape the stream of unconsciousness of the daily busy.
It welcomed the most important muses of famous painters and unknown ones as well.

Sometimes you just order a coffee and leave your life into the hands of the sphere of a café, whether it is simple or luxurious.

Some meet their old memories, some explore the universe in the swirling coffee, and there are also the lucky ones who fall into the mesmerizing eyes of a beloved.

With the best wishes for everyone to discover, in a café, especially within oneself.



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Favorite Café




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